Welcome to the FAA’s Aeronautical Data Delivery Service
We have the data, you have the fresh ideas. Let's bring them together.
The FAA is dedicated to providing the public with data to spur innovation, provide better opportunities for the development of new applications and services, and ultimately, advance the safety and efficiency of the aviation industry. This Aeronautical Data Delivery Service is an FAA-enabled web service that makes data available in CSV, JSON, KML, Shapefile formats to meet the needs of developers and other stakeholders.
Access Data
Search for and download the underlying product data associated with many of the FAA’s aeronautical products. For information about which products are included in this data set, please refer to our status map.
Dig into the data.
Visualize & Analyze
Highlight spatial patterns and discover trends.
Develop new apps using templates and API's.
Data Dictionary
Gain meaningful insights.
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